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Thank you for your interest in Kashi Health's genetic testing services.

Our genetic tests require guidance from a licensed healthcare provider. You may find a qualified provider from our list of approved professionals in the link below, or you may email your provider directly requesting that they contact us to request a genetic test. We wish you the best in your pursuit of healthy living.



AgencyLicense #Expiration DateDownload
CAP 7222314 3/10/2019 download
CLIA 38D1058476 8/1/2018 download
ASHI 10-4-OR-03-1 4/30/2019 download
New York 8391 6/30/2017 download
California COS 00800257 11/25/2017 download
Florida 800027761 7/27/2017 download

Some expiration dates may not be current due to delays by the federal or state agencies responsible for renewing these licenses or certificates. All licenses and certificates remain valid during the renewal review process that takes place toward the issuance of the new license.