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Thank you for your interest in Kashi Health's genetic testing services.

Our genetic tests require guidance from a licensed healthcare provider. You may find a qualified provider from our list of approved professionals in the link below, or you may email your provider directly requesting that they contact us to request a genetic test. We wish you the best in your pursuit of healthy living.



Zahra Mehdizadeh Kashi, PhD, HCLD
CEO and Laboratory Director

Zahra Mehdizadeh Kashi, Ph.D., H.C.L.D., is a board-certified molecular immunohematologist with nearly 25 years of experience in clinical laboratories, biologics, and pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Kashi is a highly-sought HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) consultant and has served as an advisor for many Northwest laboratories. She continues to consult for a number of laboratories, including the American Red Cross, Purity Laboratories, Inc., and VRL Laboratories. Recognizing unmet needs in the healthcare industry, Dr. Kashi founded Kashi Clinical Laboratories (KCL) in May 2006. Her passion in promoting patient health and wellness gave life to Kashi Health, a division of KCL that focuses on preventive healthcare. The well-regarded Kashi Clinical Laboratories, led by Dr. Kashi, continues to search for solutions to worldwide health problems.


Valerie Ferdinand, N.D.
Lead Clinical Consultant

Valerie Ferdinand, N.D., is a licensed naturopathic physician with an integrative medicine practice in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Ferdinand received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Micro/Molecular Biology from Portland State University, and her Doctorate of Naturopathy from the National College of Natural Medicine. As lead clinical consultant at Kashi Health, she draws from the principles of translational medicine to help clinicians and their patients better understand their predisposition to disease, allowing for more informed treatment planning.


Jenefer J. DeKoning, Ph.D.
Scientific Director

Jenefer J. DeKoning, Ph.D., is Scientific Director of the Research and Development division of Kashi Clinical Laboratories. Dr. DeKoning began her career conducting research in T-cell development in the Department of Immunology at The Scripps Research Institute. Additionally she served as a staff scientist in the Oregon Health & Science University's Transgenic Core Facility. Prior to joining Kashi, Dr. DeKoning was at Washington State University in Vancouver for nearly 10 years in the Department of Biological Sciences, designing approaches and methodology in genetic mapping and honing her skills and interest in Next Generation Sequencing. As Scientific Director, Dr. DeKoning is responsible for the successful development and implementation of innovative genetic testing. She has numerous peer-reviewed publications, posters, and presentations.


Katherine Yahvah, Ph.D.
Director of Bioinformatics and Research Scientist

Katherine Yahvah, Ph.D., is Director of Bioinformatics and a Research Scientist at Kashi Clinical Laboratories. A molecular biologist, Dr. Yahvah specializes in bioinformatics and computational biology. Dr. Yahvah completed her doctoral degree at the University of Idaho in 2012 before joining the Kashi research team in 2013. While pursuing her doctoral degree, Dr. Yahvah became fascinated with the potential of genetic sequencing to improve human health outcomes. Her interest in clinical sequencing is in harmony with Kashi Clinical Laboratories’ mission of using patients’ genetic information to improve their well-being. The primary focus of Dr. Yahvah’s work at Kashi is to use computational techniques to draw meaningful biological conclusions from complex clinical sequencing data in order to aid clinicians in providing patients with personalized care solutions.