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Thank you for your interest in Kashi Health's genetic testing services.

Our genetic tests require guidance from a licensed healthcare provider. You may find a qualified provider from our list of approved professionals in the link below, or you may email your provider directly requesting that they contact us to request a genetic test. We wish you the best in your pursuit of healthy living.



MissionStatement KashiHealthKashi Health is a division of Kashi Clinical Laboratories, a fully accredited clinical laboratory that specializes in a range of genomic healthcare products and services.

Kashi Health endeavors to promote well-being and higher quality of life by being at the forefront of translational medicine and leading in developing innovative and reliable genetic testing services. We support our providers with the highest quality genetic tests that are reflective of the most recent scientific knowledge. We offer collaboration with our healthcare partners in the development of new testing services to optimize patient care because we recognize that the service we provide is more than a test result.